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Tantric Services

Tantric means yes to pleasure and relaxation. Experience tantra and you experience the well being of your true self.

Tantric Massage Services

I can help you in the way of tantra to realise the bliss state through pleasure sensation tantric massage. Tantric massage helps you to unwind, relax and dissipate the stress hormones. Tantra can be purely for pleasure and relaxation or it can be for a healing of wellbeing. It helps to boost the immune system and lower high blood pressure. Tantric massage with its light touch is known to release endorphins in the brain also known as the happy hormones. Tantra can help you to control premature ejaculation or it can help you to explore the ancient way of tantric bliss and relaxation for both men, women and couples. Through Tantric chakra healing there is healing through the renewing of the mind working with each chakra.

Relax and let me take you on a journey in the way of Ancient Tantra.

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Advanced Counselling Now Available

Deborah is available for personal counselling and relationship counselling. She offers the following services at her website http://advancedcounselling.weebly.com:

  • Yoga of the mind course
  • Relationship counselling
  • Personal counselling for self-mastery
  • Executive counselling for business professionals
  • Hypnotherapy stress relief
  • Meditation coaching

Tantric Massage for Men

This Tantric massage will help you to forget work and relax into the heady realms of receiving pleasure. You will learn, during Tantra, how to enjoy receiving. It is through receiving that you will learn to relax and to ride the waves of sensual pleasure with heightened awareness of full body sensations. This massage is gentle and helps with lack of libido, confidence, shyness and high levels of stress. Or if you are just wanting a deeply relaxed experience. Learning to surrender to body sensations helps you with liberation of mind and self love. Or maybe you would just like to indulge yourself in pure Tantric pleasure.

Tantric massage is an ancient technique originating from India. It activates your sexual energy flow throughout your body. You may reach a multi orgasmic body experience through Tantric massage, Tantric breath and light touch sensations throughout your body.

Experience Tantric pleasure with a Tantric massage.

1 hour session for £110.
1 hour and 30 minute session for £150.
2 hours session £200

Tantric Massage for Women

Women can often feel negative about themselves in appearance and in their sexuality. Tantric massage, for women, helps you to relax and bring you back in touch with yourself – the Goddess within. When a women feels good about herself she becomes self empowered, knowing her true reality, in her higher self. Tantric massage is gentle, soothing and relaxing bringing about waves of pleasure which bring heightened awareness and liberation of mind and self love. This massage can include a Yoni massage if you wish. When the Yoni is massaged it strengthens the muscles especially after child birth. It helps in releasing negative sexual issues and negative images of oneself. The Yoni massage is outside only, concentrating on healing and strengthening the Yoni and your well being, Goddess and self empowerment.

This massage for women also helps with deep relaxation and to dissipate stress hormones. This massage is extremely light with pressure points to release the endorphins in your mind. It helps to slow down the ageing process with the breath work I will show you.

Included in this massage is facial Tantra if you wish. This massage on your face is Ancient Tantra, extremely light and can be done with your make up on. It is designed to stimulate your face slowing down the ageing process through my light touch giving you tingling sensations.

There is a free 10 minute consultation if you wish to see me first. But this is for women only.

1 hour session for £110.
1 hour and 30 minute session for £150.
2 hours session £200

Tantra for Gay Couples

In addition to features and benefits listed in the Tantra Session of Couples (please read above), Tantra For Gay Couples teaches specific techniques and information for same sex tantra. Learning how to work with a combination of male energy or female energy is uniquely different than heterosexual tantric practice.

The Tantra For Gay Couples session lasts for about two and half hours where you will learn:

1) How to massage each other
2) Verbal teaching on tantric sex
3) Emotional connectedness on a deeper level
4) Relaxation breath work
5) The interplay of Divine energies the divine within
6) Understanding each other on a deeper level

This session is £300 for 2 hours and 30 minutes.

To schedule your Tantra for Gay Couples appointment, use our contact form or call 0771664797

Tantra Healing Program For Past Sexual Abuse, Trauma, and Rape

For this Healing I use the Tantric program given to me by my Guru Babaji. Everything that is said and discussed during the healing is in confidence. The healing that takes place is through ancient Tantric constructive methods of chakra healing. A constructive Tantric massage with breath work to regain self empowerment with a healing program to regain self esteem and self love.

This service is £200 for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

To schedule your Tantra for Gay Couples appointment, use our contact form or call 0771664797

Tantric Chakra Healing

This session is healing in seven areas of life using the seven chakras. This tantric chakra healing includes renewing of thinking from negative to positive healing thoughts through using the chakras.

This type of meditation is good for business and personal life, bringing about a heightened state of awareness for better decision making, wellbeing, healing and wholeness. This is not a visualization technique but a practical logical technique that empowers ones mind in understanding and knowledge in the way forward in your life using tantra.

This is a 1hr service of meditation and yogic breath work and includes:

1) Sexual healing
2) The ability to help make decisions – self empowerment
3) Emotional healing
4) Learning to self love
5) The ability to be able to speak up for oneself – opinions
6)To improve your ability to focus
7) To gain better clarification of thoughts

This service is £100 for 1 hour.

EFT Tantra and Healng for Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation can be brought about by anxiety, worry, past issues, past sexual issues and having too many stress hormones in your blood. I will teach you how to relax at the beginning, working with me to show you how to breath properly, using an ancient Tantric/yogic breath technique designed to help with premature ejaculation. The breathing exercise is then followed by a Tantric massage where you are receiving pressure points and a sensual, pleasurable massage. Again I will be teaching you how to breath correctly and help to create ejaculation control. You will be able to learn, for yourself, the technique through exercise, pressure points and breath control. This technique is of ancient Indian origin. It can work for you.

This service is £200 for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Tantra Session for Couples

Many couples allow the stresses and strains of everyday life to enter their relationship, thus destroying the all-important time for each other. Time out with your partner is so important in order to keep your relationship alive and loving. The spark of the honeymoon stage is meant to continue and grow – becoming an exciting expansive journey for the couple. But, alas, all too often the spark dies. And even worse, it is now accepted that the honey moon stage was never meant to last!

Tantra is a way of life. It means ‘To weave divine love’ Tantra allows couples to connect on a deeper level. To become more intimate, relax, re learn and rekindle the fire for each other. Tantra for couples covers all aspects of the relationship in mind, body and soul.

Mind Tantra helps couples to re think their relationship. To have a healthy, mental attitude towards themselves and each other. For men it helps them to truly understand the mind of a woman – their wife/partner and to clear away any misunderstandings. And for women, Tantra helps them to regain confidence and have renewed and better understanding of how men think – their husband/partner.

Body, Tantra helps both sexes to learn more about their own bodies and their partners. How the power of Tantric touch can heal and communicate love. The body does not communicate in words but only by the power of touch. It responds to touch and sensation. This is the language of the body. And a loving touch is fuel for the body, because it releases endorphins from the brain – happy hormones.

Soul, Tantra creates wellbeing in both sexes through the understanding and application of Tantra – being a way of life all day and every day.


The session is held in a safe and warm environment with candle light and soft Tantric Sanskrit music playing in the background. I will teach you the basics of reconnecting to each other mentally and emotionally using the ancient methods of Tantra Mind and emotion . This is known as Shiva and Shakti and it results in you both having a deeper understanding and love for each other. I will you show you both how to relax using a relaxation yogic breath work, together. This yogic breath work is an ancient method and helps you to achieve relaxation and prepares you for heightened pleasure, as a couple.

After this I will teach you how to do a traditional Tantric massage on each other. I will show the man first how to relax and massage his partner. Then I will show the woman how to relax and massage her partner. The massage will be simple and easy to learn. It will be done in ten minute intervals with each other. The massage will be done on a couch.

I will show you both how to BE and teach you how to massage each other using Shiva Shakti positions. This is floor work and I will keep it very simple. This therapy helps couples to connect and BE in the moment, connecting together through the heart chakra, the power of touch and breath work.

I will also show the woman how to connect with her own goddess power within (Shakti) giving her the powerful tools on self-love as the Goddess. I will show her the art of how to be both the one in control and passive at the same time. This gives the woman the power in her own sexuality that men crave for.

And I will show the man how to connect with his own God power within (Shiva) giving him powerful tools on how to love, fulfil ,understand and satisfy his Goddess. Knowing these tools will help him feel good about himself.

You will learn the ancient art of Tantric sex. This teaching is done verbally only.

I will teach the woman the lingam massage And I will teach the man how to massage the yoni. So that I do not offend anyone, I will teach you using a toy lingam and a toy yoni. If you wish to practise on the toy or on your partner this is entirely up to you.

1) How to connect with each other on a deeper level
2) How to understand the opposite sex
3) Learn the yoni massage
4) Learn the lingam massage
5) Learn Shiva Shakti position ( massage with ancient yogic breath work)
6) Learn Tantric massage on each other
7) Learn Tantric sex ( this is verbal teaching only)

Please note I am not a swinger and will be wearing a tantric dress though out the session. And there is no group nudity. The first part of the session is taught with your clothes on. When it comes to the massage, it can be done with you wearing underwear or you can be naturist when you’re on the couch. But please bring a light dressing gown if you wish to wear something when you take the turn to massage your partner.

My aim, as a Tantric practitioner, is to teach couples the true ancient art of Tantra (which I have learnt from the Tantric Masters of India from the lineage of the Siddhas). To bring about a renewed and loving transformation and growth for couples who are looking to take their relationship onto a higher plane inorder to help keep that elusive honeymoon bliss.

This session is £300 for 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Tantra Services Offered

Tantric Massage for Men Experience tantric bliss with a tantric massage with gentle touch. Helping you to relax, forget work and rejuvenate with tantric pleasure.
Tantric Massage for Women Be pampered and empowered and realise the Goddess power within, with a tantric massage.
How To Please A Woman Learn what pleases a woman and become confident and a better lover.
Premature Ejaculation Control Learn to control premature ejaculation with this ancient empowering tantric method in massage.
Tantra Healing Program For Past Sexual Abuse, Trauma, and Rape Come on a journey of healing through tantra.
Tantric Chakra Healing Tantric Chakra healing can bring about sexual wellbeing to being able to make correct decisions through self esteem and being better able to voice your opinions.
Tantra Session for Couples Discover heightened pleasure for you both with the ancient art of Tantra.
Tantra for Gay Couples Learn how to work with same sex energies with unique Tantric practices.


So Who Are My Clients?

All my clients are wonderful people, who, for some, are looking for relaxation and well being. While others are looking for healing, and others are looking for spiritual meaning and mysticism. They are looking for relaxation of the mind, body and spirit. And for something new that will bring them a feeling of wholeness and healing. To feel alive again and to receive the benefits of ancient tantra. To integrate with their own healthy sensuality - energy, and to let go of negative energy.  I invite you to take time out and look forward to working with you in your chosen service.

Namas - Deborah 

For celebrities and those in public office  I sign a confidentiality form I do not court the press.