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  • Tantric Massage
  • Tantra healing
  • Sex Therapist Sexual healing
  • Tantra For Couples
  • Tantra Yoga breath work for sportsmen and women
  • Tantra Yoga breath work emotional healing
  • Tantric Meditation – inner peace – detox of the mind

Worthing, West Sussex




Deborah Anandi Devi High Priestess Of Tantra. A highly qualified international masseuse working with healing energy, Tantric healer, Master, Teacher and practitioner for emotional healing and physical pain, with over twenty years experience. Also a member of the www..i.a.s.e.c.t association of sexual educators and therapists.

Having been trained in India by the Himalayan Masters and the U.S.A Santa Monica Awakening temple – The Way Of White tantra Yoga, Yoga breath work, Alchemy of energy from negative to positive, Alchemy of the mind, mystic, healing emotional blocks that limit you, trauma, stress,depression and sexual healing.

I enjoy the healing work of Tantra and I invite you to discover with me the ancient way of tantric healing and well being..

Just imaging for a moment what it would feel like to have time out from stress. To not have to worry about the daily challenges and to feel connected with yourself as a whole person again. Their is so much pain, anxiety, pressure and stress in the world today. And because of this, we all carry deeply rooted, emotional baggage within our bodies, unconsciously, without us even truly being aware. Yet we feel the effects of it from time to time and we become tired, lacking in energy,feeling rejected, our lives feel mundane, suffer emotional rejection, sexual problems, work problems, family problems, loneliness, burden of too many challenges, sexual rejection in relationships and marriages and all the pain that brings.

Tantra Services Offered

Tantric Massage for Men Experience tantric bliss with a tantric massage with gentle touch. Helping you to relax, forget work and rejuvenate with tantric pleasure.
Tantric Massage for Women Be pampered and empowered and realise the Goddess power within, with a tantric massage.
How To Please A Woman Learn what pleases a woman and become confident and a better lover.
Premature Ejaculation Control Learn to control premature ejaculation with this ancient empowering tantric method in massage.
Tantra Healing Program For Past Sexual Abuse, Trauma, and Rape Come on a journey of healing through tantra.
Tantric Chakra Healing Tantric Chakra healing can bring about sexual wellbeing to being able to make correct decisions through self esteem and being better able to voice your opinions.
Tantra Session for Couples Discover heightened pleasure for you both with the ancient art of Tantra.
Tantra for Gay Couples Learn how to work with same sex energies with unique Tantric practices.


So Who Are My Clients?

All my clients are wonderful people, who, for some, are looking for relaxation and well being. While others are looking for healing, and others are looking for spiritual meaning and mysticism. They are looking for relaxation of the mind, body and spirit. And for something new that will bring them a feeling of wholeness and healing. To feel alive again and to receive the benefits of ancient tantra. To integrate with their own healthy sensuality - energy, and to let go of negative energy.  I invite you to take time out and look forward to working with you in your chosen service.

Namas - Deborah 

For celebrities and those in public office  I sign a confidentiality form I do not court the press.